Thursday, 1 December 2011

The characteristics a university student possess to be successful

            After the SPM, student will continue their study at a university. But, what is the university? University actually is a place where student want to further study and want to be a successful student so that they can have a good job after they graduate. There are many characteristics of a university student possess to be successful.
            Firstly, a student must be a punctual person. He must be punctual in everywhere he wants to go  especially that related to the study. For example, when the class start at 8.00 a.m, he should be there around 15 minutes before the class start. If he come late, his mind will not ready yet to study and makes it difficult to receive any information in the class. Other than, he should submit the homework or the assignments given on the due.
            Secondly, the student have to be hardworking when do anything that related to study. It means that he/she has to be hardworking when do the task given by the lecturers. Besides, the student university have to do all the pass examination question papers. That is one of the way to study by doing many exercises. Furthermore, it may easy to answer the quizzes and the examinations.
            Lastly is must have to  be more discipline. A university student has to be more discipline in his life. When, the discipline had build up in himself, he can manage well his time smoothly in his daily life. For instance, he will make a schedule for him that what should he do on that day and also the other days. He will able to do his daily work, exercises, homework, assignments, study, and so on. In fact, he will not only successful in academic but in all what he do in his life.  
            Those are the characteristics of a university student possess to be successful. So, the university student should be a punctual person, hardworking and more discipline in themselves so that they can be a successful university student.
copyright by norazizah edahyu